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Meet the winner of Mr Midsbears 2019 

Dan Ruscoe.......


Mr Midsbear is an annual competition organised by the Midlands based social group Midsbears. Midsbears is a group for bears, chasers, admirers and everyone in between

So, congratulations on winning Mr Midsbears 2019 Dan. It’s great to speak to you.

Tell us a little about yourself first.

Hey! I’m 25 and from Telford, in 2017 my friends invited me on a night out to a fun event called Midsbears in Birmingham. Back then I was body conscious, shy, quiet and very nervous, for those who know me it’s hard to believe as I’m a very outgoing person now. I had no idea what Midsbears was but I thought why not - let’s see what it’s all about. It’s safe to say I had an amazing time and have been attending on and off for the last 2 years.


Why did you decide to enter the Mr Midsbear contest this year?

I’ve become way more confident over the last few years so I thought I would push myself some more and show people just how far I have come from that guy who used to stand in the corner all shy!

What did you think your chances of winning were?

I didn’t think I was going to win at all. The other guys were all great competition and genuinely nice guys so I knew it was going to be a tough contest. When I heard my name announced as the winner it’s safe to say it came as a surprise!

How was the competition itself?

The competition was great fun, I really enjoyed myself. I just went there, had some fun and showed the crowd my big personality!

First round we had to make our entrances to our chosen music. I chose Todrick Hall - Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels as it’s a good dancey song I could have some fun dancing to.

Round 2 was ‘bear wear’ round which was down to our own interpretations. I went for a lumberjack shirt, dungarees and custom trainers with actual teddy bears on them! I soon whipped the shirt off though to reveal a chunky harness underneath.

Round 3 we was quizzed with a few fun questions by the fantastic host DJ Moodybear (Andrew Clarke) and Mr Midsbear 2018 Mark Coulstock.

How will you use your title over the coming year?

I have a few ideas of things I would like to do over the next year. I’d really like to use the platform to raise some money for charity. But ultimately I want to be someone people can talk to and help people come out of their shell like I did.

What message do you have for our community?

Never pretend to be someone or something you are not. So get yourself out there have a good time and always be your self!


Well thanks Dan. And once again, congratulations on your win.

Well thanks Dan. And once again, congratulations on your win.

See you soon!

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