Meet Dale....


A little about Dale ....

I’m awful at talking about myself however I like to think I’m a nice guy I put a lot of time into others and all my animals when I’m not pulling pints behind a bar wishing I was the other side aha, living in Birmingham


My pets, my horses and gardening are the top 3 cooking and baking when the weather is cra*

Guilty Pleasures

I’m not guilty about anything that gives me pleasure ;) kidding it’s sitting all day in bed watching Netflix eating sweets after crisps after cakes all day long on my days off

Turn on's and off 

Turns ons are easy for me I have 3 box’s 1. Be taller than me (not hard I’m 5’4”) 2. Please have a sharp sense of humour 3. Be stable aha I am!

Relationship Status

Single as a Pringle

Do you have any kinks or fetishes

I mean no but kinda the tougher the better


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