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Victoria Wood Tribute

Victoria Wood Tribute

Yesterday was a wonderful and poignant day in Manchester. For one special hour They turned Victoria Station into Victoria Wood Station and celebrate Victoria's life with singing, cake, laughter, tears and berets. Have You Seen 'Er? attracted hundreds of fans including many who dressed up and shared their favorite moments. The Guardian has done a lovely write-up so check it out in the link below. Raising over £1000 for Jessie's Fund which was wonderful. Thank you to everyone who gave their time to help make it happen and thank you to any of you who came to share the day with us. The petition for the statue was mentioned throughout, so please keep signing and sharing! You never know we might get Kimberley's Friend in Victoria Station!

the petition link is here pop over and add your support.... CLICK HERE

We were also there to support this great tribute and the turn out was amazing from all ages, also lots even dressed up in some of the famous character's Victoria wood would play.

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