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B.U.M next Issue RELEASED

WE’RE BACK! It might have been a couple of years, but we’re back bigger than ever with a brand new issue of BUM celebrating 21 years of The Great British Bear Bash! We’ve pulled out all the stops to give you the most in-depth history of the UK’s biggest and best Bear Bash. We’d like to thank everyone at ManBears for their help, and we’d especially like to thank Gerard Gudgion for sharing his memories of running GBBB. It’s a fascinating interview and a real insight into the hard work that goes into organising such a massive event. If you’re attending this year, have a fantastic time, and say hello if you see us! Please let us know what you’d like to see in future issues, and don’t forget, you can get a daily dose of BUM at our website.

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Grahame & Steve

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