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Bearscots Tickets on sale NOW!

It's that time of year to be buying your tickets for the fun packed weekend in Edinburgh, Bearscots tickets are now available to buy, they go very quickly so make sure you get in time....

Have a read of the event details that Bearscots have put together......

Come ​join ​the ​bears ​for ​their ​18th ​annual ​gathering ​in ​Edinburgh. Kick ​off ​with ​our ​Early-Bird Welcome Social ​​at ​The ​Regent Bar on ​Thursday ​evening. ​Catch ​up ​with ​old ​friends, ​and ​make ​new ​ones ​in ​this cosy neighbourhood bar. The Welcome Desk opens at CC Blooms on Friday from 1200hrs and ​here you ​can ​collect ​your ​registration ​pack, including your pass to all the weekend’s activities, and pick up all the info you will need for the weekend. You can enjoy a beer or a spot of lunch and also browse around our Bear Market and pick up your pre-ordered event ​t-shirt. You’ll also ​have ​free ​time ​to ​catch ​up, ​or ​to ​explore ​the ​city ​at ​your ​leisure, ​ ​before ​our ​Welcome Party ​with ​buffet ​at ​CC ​Blooms from 2000 hrs. ​Dance ​the ​night ​away ​in ​the ​basement ​club ​with ​our ​guest ​DJs ​including ​BeefMince's ​fantastic ​Cactushead. ​

Saturday ​Brunch ​is ​served ​at CC Blooms from 1200 hrs, giving you ample time to pick up those last minute registrations or beary merchandise ​and ​then ​you ​have ​a ​few ​​afternoon ​optional ​add-on ​activites ​to ​choose ​from: Take ​a ​splash ​at ​Bearscots’ ​now ​(in)famous ​Wet ​Fur ​Pool ​Party ​in ​the ​beautiful ​Victorian ​grandeur ​of ​Glenogle ​Baths


For ​the ​more ​genteel ​and demure amongst ​us, ​enjoy ​a ​sumptuous ​afternoon ​tea ​at ​Mimi's ​Bakehouse ​on ​Leith's ​Waterfront.


Journey out to rural East Lothian for a VIP Tour and Whisky Tasting at Glenkinchie Distillery.

(NB ​Transportation ​is ​included ​to ​all ​of ​our ​organised ​Saturday ​afternoon ​activities!) Saturday ​night ​is ​the ​highlight ​of ​our ​weekend ​as ​we ​party ​in ​the ​Caves, ​deep ​in ​the ​heart ​of ​Edinburgh's ​Old ​Town. ​This ​stunning ​atmospheric ​venue, ​on ​several ​levels ​each ​with ​its ​own ​bar ​space, ​ ​comes ​to ​life ​to ​the ​sounds ​of ​our ​long-standing ​and ​beloved ​BearScots Treasures DJs ​Corky ​and ​Mishka ​who ​always ​seem ​to ​know ​just ​what ​gets ​the ​dancefloor ​jumpin! ​The ​adjoining ​Rowantree ​ ​Bar ​is ​a ​welcome ​oasis ​with ​comfy ​seats ​and ​lounge-style ​music. ​As ​the ​night ​comes ​to ​a ​close, ​"say ​aye ​tae ​a ​Bearscots ​pie" ​as ​traditional ​sustenance ​for ​your ​walk ​home! Sunday ​brunch ​at ​ the ​quirky ​and ​friendly ​Nom ​de ​Plume ​Cafe ​in ​the ​heart ​of ​the ​gay ​village will ​revitalises ​you ​in ​time ​for ​our lively ​Sunday ​afternoon show at The Jam House. ​ ​​Once again, we welcome ​the ​glamorous and lovable ​Bella ​and ​the ​Bear ​who ​play ​host ​to ​the ​afternoon's ​activities and our special guest is Scotland’s own star of “Live at the Apollo”, Comedy Central UK and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Larry Dean. The afternoon includes group karaoke, and of course our ​Mr ​Bearscots ​competition ​- ​not ​quite ​Rue ​Paul's ​Drag ​Race ​though ​it ​does ​get ​a ​bit ​bitchy ​in ​the ​Green ​Room. ​​Our ​guest ​DJ ​Drew ​will ​provide ​some ​classic ​cheezy ​tunes ​and ​of ​course ​you ​can ​check ​to ​see ​if ​you've ​been ​lucky ​in ​our ​Charity ​Prizedraw. ​As ​the ​afternoon ​becomes ​evening, ​join ​us ​ ​back ​​where ​the ​weekend ​began, ​the ​Regent Bar for ​Farewell ​drinks! d

....and remember, Bear Naked – discounted entry ALL WEEKEND with your full weekend pass: Get wet and horny at the Bear Sauna at Steamworks. Sunday afternoons are especially busy!

To buy tickets click HERE

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