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The Guide: Gay Bodies & Expressions

Bears and Twinks and Gaymers — oh my! The Guide tells all about GBTQ+ body types and self-expression.

The Story

THE GUIDE was born when gay dating came up in conversation during a night out with straight friends. Entertained by the terms gay men use to describe their body types and social groups, someone made a joke about needing a pocket guide to keep track. What was intended to help straight people better understand the gay community became a tool of empowerment for GBTQ+ men to discover themselves and others who look or feel like they do. Since June 22, 2018, The Guide's social media campaign has encouraged gay, bisexual, trans, and queer men to think differently about themselves and each other. Colorful aspirations and polls underscore the importance of self-acceptance and tolerance. It is these shifts in our mentality that The Guide strives to change — no matter how small. There are many ways to get involved and support The Guide. Read about the I Am The Guide and the Body Talks series, or how to become a business Friend with Benefits! Learn how to get involved >

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