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Feature Guy - Connel McEachran @bearall4s

Lets all say Hi to Connel......



Age - 36
Location - London

He/Him Pronouns, I love making new friends and having exciting adventures together, whether its staying in doing a movie marathon to random holidays booked last minute.
New lease on life so looking to get out there more.

Have you ever won any competitions and if so tell us about it?

In September I won the Mr Bear London competition for 2023 but came roughly 4th in the UK finals. Well done Mr Bear Manchester on that one :). The London heat was exciting and nerve racking so I was very surprised to win special when there was so many great people on stage in the competition.
Winning was a great feeling and has given me a confidence boost in my own image which since winning I want to help similar people with any image crisis that have about themselves and help them push through their insecurity's.


What are your hobbies?

I am a bit of a geek, love movies, video games and music, I enjoy drawing as I do this both SFW and NSFW and get commissions for doing so, used to stream gaming and chat streams via twitch,
Been a while but will get back into it. I enjoy dancing which is important in my life, where ever I am if I hear a good track I will dance away, maybe I should look into Gogo Bear Dancing...

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?

Big Brother (The Reality Show)

what about Turn On's and Turn off's

Turn On's - Funny people, Someone who can give a good cuddle
Turn Off's - Rude for no reason people, beans and mushrooms ...


Relationship Status

Do you have any kinks or fetishes?

Recently single (Amicable Breakup)

Little Voyeur, Group Fun, 1 on 1 always good fun also,

User name for X, Instagram, BlueSky, TikTok, etc ?

@bearall4s across all

What kind of music do you listen to?

Big mix from Britney Spears, Knower to Rob Zombie and Slayer... big mix

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

Usually clean, with random objects and colourful things :)

bear hotel 1.png

What's your idea of a perfect date?

Out for food (Chinese buffet always good ;) then maybe a drink somewhere then either set a 2nd date or back back for Coffee ;)

If we gave you 2 choices which, would you do? And why?
A – To kiss a random guy for 2 mins B – Walk naked outside on a high street for 2 mins.

B only because its me and I like to be naked :D

What kind of sexy outfit would look good on you? And why

Shorts, White T-Shirt with a patterned shirt over top, Lumberjack style

What’s the Favourite part of a guy’s body?

Eyes, Butt and Cock & Balls

bear hotel 4.png
bear hotel 3.png

What are two things on your wish list?

A specific IPad to being my commissions on the go, and some be sexy hand cuffs

Is there anything you would like to add about yourself?

I'm a very fun down to earth guy who likes to have a laugh and have random chats about everything.

Credits for any images Rich from Bear hotel, helped boost my confidence with such amazing pictures

If you fancy a feature with us please email for more details dont forget to check all our social platforms -

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