Meet the winner of Mr Midsbear 2018 Mark Coulstock

Interview with Mr Midsbears 2018 – Mark Coulstock

Mr Midsbear is an annual competition organised by the Midlands based social group Midsbears. Midsbears is a group for bears, chasers, admirers and everyone in between.

So, congratulations on winning Mr Midsbears 2018. It’s great to speak to you. Tell us a little about yourself first.

Okay up until moving to Birmingham I was deputy manager at the Kings Arms in Soho (London) for 8 years. Loved it there and really enjoyed my job. Fab customers and team. I was a customer there for about 15 years before that. Love my bears.

I’ve had to leave the pub job this year (I moved to my own pub in Birmingham) due to ill health but am now a full-time student at University here in Birmingham

What prompted you to enter the Mr Midsbear contest this year?

Being ill and a bit isolated I had lost a lot of confidence. I wanted to get to know more people and get back out there so I dared myself to give it a go. Was a huge challenge for me.

What did you think your odds of winning were?

Truthfully? Somewhere between nought and zero. Lol. As I said low confidence.

How was the competition itself? All back-biting and bitchiness back-stage?

Totally the opposite. All of the guys who entered were really lovely and a complete mix of types too which was great to see and exactly how it should be.

We all had a chat on Facebook and the weeks leading up to the event were pretty much filled with each of us having a wobble and in turn being cheered on by our fellow competitors.

Obviously now it’s all over none of us talk and we all hiss at each other if we pass by (joking obvs) Actually, we’re still chatting on FB and saying hello etc. in the real world too. Still friendly. They are a lovely bunch of guys.

What did you have to do for the competition?

We had two main rounds and the final.

The first round was beach wear. I had already decided that I couldn't show my legs (Been ill and still wearing bandages) Anyway, I chose to do the redneck at the beach. So was a pair of dungarees, trainers and no short with one strap off. The boys were braver there were quite a few jock straps. My only concession was pulling my dungarees down and showing off my bum in my boxers which had a very jolly “Wide Load” written across them.